What is the Delaware Insurance Plan?

When an employer is unable to secure coverage through the voluntary market, an alternative commonly referred to as the "assigned risk" or "residual market" is available to the employer through the Delaware Workers Compensation Insurance Plan (DIP). The DIP ensures that all employers have a means of meeting their statutory obligations under the workers compensation law.

Who is Eligible for the DIP?

All employers are eligible provided they have made a good faith effort to secure workers compensation coverage through the voluntary market. Two Delaware licensed insurance companies must decline insurance applications from an employer in order for the DIP to provide workers compensation coverage to the employer. Failure to accept any reasonable offer of coverage by a voluntary carrier renders the applicant ineligible. In addition, the employer is not eligible for assignment through the DIP unless all previous and current workers compensation premium obligations, whether disputed or undisputed by the employer, have been satisfied.

What is the (DIP) Surcharge and How Does It Apply?

The DIP surcharge applies to all risks insured in the Plan, regardless of whether DIP applications were processed through Delaware, or WCIP residual market applications were processed through another state.

Premium surcharges will apply to risks insured under the plan which qualify for experience rating and which produce experience modifications in excess of 1.000 (i.e. debit-rated risks). Surcharge factors are computed using the following formula:

0.50 x (1.000 - Employer’s Credibility in the Experience Rating Plan)

Computed surcharge factors will be limited to maximums computed by subtracting unity (1.000) from each subject risk’s experience modification factor.

How to Submit an Application?

The interactive web application provides the user the ability to complete, edit, save and submit an application electronically to the DCRB. Applications requiring further clarification or change will be electronically returned to the sender with a comment on the proper completion of the application. Alternatively, blank applications may be printed and manually completed for submission using the link below.

Applicants may submit deposit premium funds through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic fund transfer or manually using an agency check or a certified check of the employer. Coverage will be effective twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of application and ACH payment or twenty-four (24) hours after the US Post Mark on the envelope unless a later date is requested.

Questions regarding the completion of the application should be directed to the Plan Administrator at (302) 654-1435 or (215) 568-2371. Technical questions not covered in the DIP Web Application Userís Guide, should be directed to Central Support at (302) 654-1435 or

Clicking on the appropriate link below will allow you to display all necessary DIP forms and instructions.

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DIP - Web Application Delaware Insurance Plan Web Application
DIP - Application Form Delaware Insurance Plan Form (For Manual Completion)
DIP - Web Application
Userís Guide
Provides instructions and helpful hints for using the DIP Web Application
Inclusion Endorsement Use to include sole proprietors & partners
Executive Officers/LLC
Exclusion Agreement
Use to exclude Executive Officers and LLC members.
Supplemental Application New business Ė Trucking operations
Delaware Handbook General Instructions



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